Jigging Spoons

Lakeland’s jigging spoons are designed with various slender shapes and heavy weight to fall quickly in the water when jigging.

All Lakeland produced jigging spoons are available in 5 highly reflective plate finishes including Bright Nickel, Copper, 24k Gold, Black Nickel and Genuine Silver.

Lakeland’s leading edge paint finishes will enhance your painted jigging spoons offering Powder Coat Colors, Iridescent, Transparent/Metalic, Extended Glow in the Dark, Vibrant UV Fish Images, Real Bait Images, Holographic Foils, Crystalina, and UV printed color designs/patterns. 

Lakeland jigging spoons are stamped from the highest quality brass material and available in 2 gauges.  They are offered in 2 patterns, plane and hammered. Lakeland’s painted jigging spoons are stamped from brass base material.

Contact Lakeland to design your unique painted jigging spoon.

Minimum order quantity – 100 pieces

Price per Thousand (M)

No Discount on Gold

No Discount on Paint

Quantity Discount: (One Size and Finish) 5M – 10M = 5%, 10M+ = 10%, 25M + Call for pricing



SIZEJ00-1/5 OZJ0-1/3 OZJ1-1/8 OZJ2-1/4 OZJ3-3/8 OZJ4-1/2 OZ
SIZEJ00-1/5 OZJ0-1/3 OZJ1-1/8 OZJ2-1/4 OZJ3-3/8 OZJ4-1/2 OZ
POLISHED BRASS249369249310249121249122249123249124
POLISHED BRASS & LACQUER249186249187249188249189249190249191
24K GOLD249129249130249131249132249133249134
BLACK NICKEL & LACQUER249149249150249151249152249153249154
COPPER & LACQUER249159249160249161249162249163249164
SILVER & LACQUER249169249170249171249172249173249174
SIZEJ00-1/5 OZJ0-1/3 OZJ1-1/8 OZJ2-1/4 OZJ3-3/8 OZJ4-1/2 OZ
POLISHED BRASS249020249010249101249102249103249104
POLISHED BRASS & LACQUER249115249116249117249118249119249120
24K GOLD249199249200249201249202249203249204
BLACK NICKEL & LACQUER249219249220249221249222249223249224
COPPER & LACQUER249229249230249231249232249233249234
SILVER & LACQUER249239249240249241249242249243249244

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