Exclusive Premium Plate Finishes

Lakeland’s premium plated spinner blades and spoons are produced to have a bright mirror finish. A unique plating process produces a variety of highly reflective plate finishes. Lakeland used only plate quality brass as a base material for all exclusive premium finishes. At Lakeland, we offer the best quality finishes for the fishing tackle industry. Bright Nickel, Copper, 24 Karat Gold, Black/Nickel, Genuine Silver, Nickel/Gold, Chrome.

Matte Silver Finish

Lakeland’s alternative to a traditional mirror finish. Retains reflective qualities in deep or dark waters. Available on spinner blades, spoons, and other fishing tackle components.

Brightly Polished Brass & Lacquer

Lakeland’s Exclusive Polished Brass Finish. Solid brass base material. Highly polished finish. Leading edge clear coat for component durability.

Spinner Blade Patterns

Plain, Hammered, Fluted, Diamond, Hex, Scale, Rib, Prism, Ripple

Trolling Spoon Patterns

Plain, Hammered, Fine Diamond, Diamond, Special Diamond, Hex, Scale, Rib, Prism, Ripple, Half-Diamond/Plain, Half-Rib/Plain

Casting Spoon Patterns

Plain, Hammered, Diamond, Rib

Exclusive Fish Pattern Proprietary (Custom) Production