Ultimate Fishing Images

Custom Imaging

Our proprietary Ultimate Fish Images® makes the most attractive blades and spoons on the market. Their lifelike UV colors, ultra-realistic patterns, and three-dimensional effects convince even the most finicky fish to bite.
Painted spinner blades.

Custom Pad Printing (Painting)

LAKELAND can pad print (paint) logos and design patterns on spinner blades and spoons.

LAKELAND charges a one-time fee for artwork and pad print plate development.

Pad Print Plate: Each image, Each Color ………………………$50.00

LAKELAND pricing for custom production is an additional charge per 1,000. Prices vary for the types and sizes of blades and spoons.

Orders are subject to required minimum quantities.

Custom Imaging/UV Printing

LAKELAND’S custom UFI can image graphics or photographs to help with product identification and branding.

  • Use digital photographs, designs or logos
  • Produce high-definition images or logos
  • Extremely durable, scratch-resistant finish
  • Color fade resistant
  • One time artwork development charge of $50.00
  • Lakeland charges a one-time fee for the development of custom UV print boards ranging from $50-$100
  • Print boards ranging from $50 – $100.

Orders subject to required minimum quantities.

vibrantly painted spinner blades.

Vibrant Colors with UV

Maximum UV Attraction.
Extreme Durability.

Our Vibrant Colors feature a UV finish and color designs optimized for maximum attraction. In addition, the digital application ensures extreme durability and detail for all fishing conditions.
Ultraviolet Pattern.

Vibrant Color UV Examples

fish patterns on spinner blades.

Realistic Bait Images

High-Resolution Images
that Look Like Real Bait

Our high-resolution bait fish images turn our spinner blades, trolling spoons, casting spoons, and weedless spoons into absolute eye – and fish–catchers.

Realistic Bait Examples

Holographic Flash

Ultimate Flash & Attraction

Holographic Flash makes our spinner blades and spoons stand out in the water. It’s the ultimate finish for maximum flash, attraction, and bites.
2 holographic spinner blades.

Holographic Examples

lakeland logo on spinner blade.

Custom UFI

Create Fishing Tackle With
Your Photo, Logo, or Design

Although Ultimate Fish Images® is our proprietary finish, you can still make it your own. With Custom UFI, you can turn your photo, logo, or design into one-of-a-kind lures.

Create Realistic Bait Images,
Vibrant Colors with UV, and Custom UFI

Looking for a particular pattern, color scheme, or bait fish species for your new line of lures? With Custom UFI, we can make almost anything happen. Contact us, and let’s get talking.

Create Custom Logos &
Design Patterns

Need a catchy giveaway or excellent gift for your customers? Look no further. We can finish our spinner blades and spoons with Custom UFI’s of your logo, design, or photo.

Custom Special Orders

Produced by LAKELAND/Purchased by LAKELAND

LAKELAND will require a 50% deposit on custom and special orders in order to begin production.

LAKELAND special orders for component parts of special custom design will be considered complete when quantities shipped are over or under 10% of the quantity.