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                                                    Realistic Bait Fish

                                                       Realistic Bait Fish Images for
                                                       Fishing Tackle Components
                                                     - Available in UV and Non-UV as
                                                     well as with a Holographic Flash

     Realistic Bait Fish
     Lakeland’s Realistic Bait Fish images can be produced on spinner blades,
     trolling spoons, casting spoons, and weedless spoons in high-definition.
     Exclusive Realistic Bait Fish Features
       •  Makes fishing tackle look like realistic bait fish
       •  Produce high-definition bait fish
       •  Extremely durable, scratch-resistant finish
       •  Color fade resistant

                      Bass                                Rainbow                               Shad                             Silver Shiner

                     Crappie                                Perch                              Alewive                            Blue Shad

                     Gold Shiner                            Sunfish                           Brown Frog                          Green Frog

                      Bluegill                            Brown Trout                         Brook Trout                         Walleye
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