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NEWUFI Vibrant Colors

                            Spinner Blades

             New Designs with the same Highly Visible Color
             Images for Added Brilliance and Attraction

               - Available in UV and Non-UV as well as with a
                            Holographic Flash

            Fish Scale Images with Ultraviolet(UV) Finish
            Lakeland has expanded it Vibrant Colors.  This new design features our
            traditional vibrant colors with a fish scale overlay to make the design more

                  Pink Alwive Scale                     Black Widow Scale                      Purple Scale                      Purple Tang Scale

                  Firetiger Scale                       Silver Widow Scale                  Pink Firetiger Scale                  Blue Tang Scale

                   Clown Scale                          Brown Alwive Scale                    Sunrise Scale                      Purple Parrot Scale

               Rainbow Firetiger Scale                  Emerald Scale                      Pink Bumble Bee Scale                  Blue Parrot Scale
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